Dr. Bob Huizenga

  • Started Private Practice in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1981
  • Over 25,000 direct client care hours
  • Served on State Board of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • First to write best selling ebook on infidelity
  • Spent past 15 years coaching, writing and perfecting his relationship model that has helped thousands

How Coaching works:

One-on-one coaching is convenient. Coaching consists of half hour consultations over the phone or skype

One-on-one coaching is anonymous. No one else knows, unless you want them to know.

One-on-one coaching provides focused help to get at the concerns and issues most pressing to you NOW.

One-on-one coaching is paced. We schedule around your needs and circumstances.

Take a look at the Coaching Packages below, select the one that best meets your needs, sign up and begin the resolution.

Once you sign up, you receive an email with guidelines and expectations for coaching.

Here’s what you do..

Select a Coaching Package Below with Dr. Huizenga

2-Month Coaching Package
with 8-30 minute phone consultations
and Email Correspondence
$1,418.00 USD

2-Month Coaching Package
with 8-30 minute phone consultations
without Email Correspondence
$1,210.00 USD

1-Month Coaching Package
with 4-30 minute phone consultations
and Email Correspondence
$752.00 USD

1-Month Coaching Package
with 4-30 minute phone consultations
without Email Correspondence
$590.00 USD

1 – 30 Minute Phone consultation
$160.00 USD

Once you sign up, I will contact you
for your first coaching session.

Someone wrote and asked if I coach the “other person?” Yes, I do. I coach all involved parties. My style is not to impose “rightness or wrongness”, but move toward understanding, self-care and self-respect, resolution of what is not working, and finally, create a wonderful life and healthy intimate relationships that are ultimately “affair proof.”

I look foward to hearing from you,


Dr. Bob Huizenga

I very much look forward to talking with you. The 30 minute session once a week is becoming such a precious time for me to find MYSELF. I would like to cope with this situation so that I can become wiser and stronger. I would like to believe that the adversity is the best school.

The explanations you give are usually right on. You seem to know what I’m feeling. Each time I talk to you I feel stronger and stronger.

I received support from someone who gets it.

At last somebody who was giving practical advice, somebody who called a spade, a spade, somebody who, above all, never gave up on me and understood my dilemma.

Most important to me was the “feeling” that I was being supported by an expert in the field.

Following up on what we talked about in our coaching session… When I told my husband that I could see that he was feeling uncomfortable with what I was saying and that he was clearly troubled with his situation there was a glimmer in his eye which registered that he was almost relieved that I understood. It was important to me at the time.

I looked forward to my coaching appointment. It felt like the days between could be handled with what I had learned as I had a destination point to look forward to.

I had tools to deal with my husband and even phrases to say which helped me deliver what I needed to say.

You are very good at reiterating and more clearly defining what I said.

I learned the exact words to share with my partner to express what I was trying to say. this was especially helpful as I was trying to do the work needed to successfully confront our problem.
writing the letter and then finally giving it to my husband was the most powerful thing i did as a result of the coaching experience.

Factual, intelligent information and advice for those seeking resolution to marital issues using the highest of emotional intelligence.

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