Save Your Marriage Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I just ordered one of your ebooks but haven’t received anything.

A. You should receive an email from Dr. Bob Huizenga within 2-5 minutes after purchase with access information. If you do not receive that email within one hour, check your spam folder. Also enter bob @ in your email address book. If the email is not in your spam folder, please fill out the form above or call our toll free number. Please be sure to have your transaction ID and date of purchase handy.

Q. How long does it take to receive a response from customer service?
A. Julie usually responds within one business day.

Q. I call your toll free number, but no one answers.
A. Please leave a message. Julie will respond to your voice message.

Q. How do I contact Dr. Huizenga for help?
A. Unfortunately, Dr. Huizenga cannot respond personally to the dozens of questions he receives during a typical week. He spends the majority of his time researching, writing, coaching and presenting webinars. For personal one-on-one coaching, check out Dr. Huizenga’s coaching packages at Also, sign up for his newsletters, webinars and read his blog posts.

Q. What if I accidentally double order?
A. Contact Julie (julie @ or 888.525.3510) with transaction ID and date of purchase. Julie will refund typically within one business day.

Q. I requested a refund, but nothing has happened.
A. Remember, a refund usually takes 3-5 business days before appearing on your statement. If it has been more than 3-5 business days, and you still don’t see your refund, please fill out the form above and be sure to include your Order ID and Date of Purchase.

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frequently Asked Questions

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