These Resources Answer your Marriage Questions

How do I turn my Marriage around?

Quick Marriage Turn Around
Start here with the Quick Marriage Turn Around Module, the first Module in Dr. Huizenga’s Marriafe Building Online Course.

  • Discover the 3 keys to Healing Your Aching Heart
  • Learn how to calm your feelings and stop doing what doesn’t work
  • Use the 70 motive checklist to discover the type of affair and what you can do
  • Determine if your relationship or marriage is safe


Rebuild your marriage with the 3 EASY LOVE Laws

Save Your Marriage with the 3 EASY LOVE Laws
This ebook is a practical ebook/workbook 27 days to create a love you can TRUST” is a practical ebook/workbook enabling a person to rebuild a marriage or relationship in 27 days. This edgy ebook provides alternative and in-depth strategies that move beyond traditional self-help methods.

  • Discover the 8 Critical Keys to Saving your Marriage and Creating a Love you can TRUST – Forever
  • Learn why romance is overrated
  • Discover whether you have a red, yellow or green marriage and what this means for you


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