How to (Re) Build
Your Marriage

Fast Relief… Quick Results… Lasting Love

Dr. Huizenga’s Mini-Webinars are…

  • Short. To the point. No huge time commitment
  • Practical. Big on the “how tos” small on the “whys”
  • Teaching. Take home and use tested and trusted Relationship Tools
  • Interact. Ask your questions. Listen

Why You Must Attend…

  • Get your marriage unstuck – quickly
  • Get your marriage unstuck – with confidence
  • Quickly reduce the tension and fear
  • Learn how to measure progress
  • Know exactly where to begin
  • Know where you are going

Create a Loving Mood in Your Marriage with
this Simple but CRITICAL Tool

The Next Mini-Webinar


  • Begin to think of us, rather than you vs me (relieves the tension)
  • Identify (from list of 52) the specific mood of your marriage
  • Use a Tool to begin to alter and control the mood of your marriage

Dr. Bob Huizenga began his private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 1981 and logged over 25,000 direct client care hours. He wrote the first and best selling ebook on infidelity in 2001, “Break Free From the Affair” and followed up with “Save Your Marriage Forever – the 3 EASY LOVE Laws” and the “Marriage Building Online Course.” He now writes, creates courses and coaches people over the world on individual and relationship concerns.