Your marriage will be difficult?

Happy couple on wedding day. Bride and Groom. Vintage wedding.

The marriages that struggle and endure with pain far outnumber those they observe that offer life and health to the couple. Reality indicates to you that just perhaps marriage will be difficult.

It is expected, especially if you talk to other married couples, that the marriage will grow “cold.” The passion will fade. The advent of children, the pressures of vocation and intrusion of a number of factors will dull the senses.

At some point you will be too tired, too overwhelmed and too busy to have good sex.

You will lose passion, excitement and spontaneity as you give to your spouse, children, work and community.

Please leave your comment about the video below. When and how did your passion fade?

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  1. Steve Lunsford jr
    12 months ago

    Thanks for your help what you say makes sense and I believe could or would help our marriage.